Latest News

Latest News:
I started the year working at Curry's electronics store Newport and worked with customers in sales and delivery/stock handling. Afterwards my contract was up with curry's and have moved on now looking for work,. I have enrolled in a evening night course for OCN Level 2 web design and am continuing to attend, i have spent spare time improving my art and design skills and am also in the process of starting to learn a new language.
 Newest Paints/Logos and Photography projects:


Latest News:
I have now fully graduated from university and achieved my Interactive multimedia degree.
I am currently looking for work and have even lent my time to a community canal restoration project after graduating in the meantime,
which has now currently finished.

I have worked on some newer projects and looked at some older ones,

I enjoy creating media with a passion and shall continue to post newer works on here to show.

Ice lion - Was an attempt at using a icicle effect i was using on photoshop.

Portraits - Was an old art work attempts at photoshop portraits.

Multi user market - This was an old college project. Designed like a month before sony announced there Home project.

Old Sketch - This idea was actually taken from a scribble sketch i saw of a sofa and decided to paint in and kept adding layers and layers. proberly one of the 1st images i photoshop painted and helped me learn about layers.

The Doc Watch- This was a college project about trying to create an innovative media work.

Using 3D studio max, i designed a watch capable of adminisetring medication through micro needles under the watch. Being careful about thinking about security safety features and applications, aswel as how to dispose of used capsules.
More updates soon.